Winter tyres and their numerous benefits that you don’t know

Car owners are well aware of the different kinds of tyres specifically designed for other weather conditions and seasons. One of the tyre types that are very popular among people is the all-season tyre. It is mainly because it eliminates the hassle of replacing the tyres as the season changes in many areas. However, many forget that these tyres primarily compromise long tread life, driving quality, fuel consumption, and traction. So here we introduce and talk about Winter tyres and how they are beneficial for our vehicle in the winter season.

Winter tyres
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If your tyre grips the ground during hot months, it does not mean that it will provide similar traction when the temperature drops. It is here where winter Continental Tyres Coventryassumes importance.

The tread compound that is present in all-season tyres does not provide traction in cold weather. It also turns hard and loses its flexibility when it gets freezing. Winter tyres are also called snow tyres. These are developed to offer optimum security and control in cold weather; thus, you can benefit from a smooth and safe ride in snowy, rainy, and icy weather conditions.

The Science behind Winter Tyres

To appreciate winter Car Tyres Coventry, it makes sense to get some insight into how winter tyres are made. These tyres consist of a soft rubber compound that stays flexible as it freezes. This flexibility enables snow tyres to conform to the surface, and you benefit from better control and handling.

Apart from that, winter tyres come with specialized tread patterns. The tread has wider grooves that improve traction on icy surfaces by offering channels to eliminate water and push away snow. Winter tyres also have deep-set sipes. Sipes are essentially tiny slits in the tread region that slash through slush and water. It, in turn, eliminates the risk of hydroplaning and enhances your grip.

Every driver is aware of the significance of grip while driving. An excellent grip eliminates the risk of you getting stuck, but beyond that, it also makes you confident of the fact that your vehicle can halt and steer.

Winter Continental Tyres Coventryprovide a high degree of traction. The traction that they deliver is way more than all-season tyres. This traction provides you with enough safety to stop at the correct time or drive away from the point of trouble.

How to Ensure Balanced and Controlled Handling in Cold Weather

During cold driving conditions, the importance of keeping balanced and controlled handling becomes pronounced. If you have winter tyres with you, you can ensure it by installing a matching set of four tyres rather than just two.

Winter tyres
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However, do not be tempted to install two Car Tyres Coventryin your vehicle because it will lead to a traction mismatch. This mismatch has grievous handling implications.

If you install snow tyres on the front part only and ignore installing them on the rear part of your vehicle, then the back wheels will not have the needed grip like the front wheels. The result? Your car will oversteer during cornering or braking.

Similarly, if you install winter Continental Tyres Coventry on only the car’s back wheels, your front wheels will not provide a good grip. So, your vehicle will become unresponsive when you turn the steering wheel. It will understeer. You certainly do not want such a situation to occur.

Importance of Keeping correct air pressure

People often ignore the importance of maintaining the correct air pressure in winter tyres. However, it is indispensable for better traction, handling, and durability. The ideal times of the year when you can inspect inflation pressures are the fall and when it starts getting cool. During this time, the air contracts as the temperature drops.

You need to know that with every ten degrees alteration in the temperature outside, your tire’s inflation pressure will alter by around 1 pound per square inch. It will go up as the temperature increases and will decrease as the temperature lowers. Also, keeping the valve caps on will prevent moisture from freezing in this part and make air escape.

Do not worry if you have not experimented with winter tyres before and do not know how they look. You can quickly identify winter tyres by looking for the snowflake symbol on their sidewall. This symbol distinguishes snow tyres from all-season and other types of tyres.

If you are in a place where it is mandatory to switch to winter tyres, you should also be aware of practicing careful driving. Installing winter Continental Tyres Coventry is the best thing you can do to enhance traction, braking performance, and grip during cold weather. It is because they are specifically designed for you to drive safely in such conditions.

Winter Tyre Testing

By now, you must be sufficiently convinced about the importance of Winter tyres in areas characterized by extreme weather conditions like snow and ice. But you need to ensure that you are purchasing quality tyres. After all, the quality of a tyre plays a massive role in its performance. One way to ensure it is by reading independent test results.

Winter tyres
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Tyre testing is done to make sure that they perform well on different types of surfaces. Winter Continental Tyres Coventryare extensively tested on surfaces like snow and ice to gauge the level of safety and performance that they provide.

The testing of winter tyres should be carried on in typical winter conditions that the tyres are subjected to, for example, ice-covered tarmac. For testing tyres on different surfaces, the topmost priority is always safety.

Let us see how Continental Car Tyres Coventrytesting is carried out on different surfaces.

  • Wet roads– On such a surface, brake distance is increased, and grip is minimized. Tyres are tested on straights that are irrigated artificially. For determining the aquaplaning performance of the tyre, acceleration rides are conducted through water basins. All this is done to attain the least amount of braking distance and a high grip.
  • Roads covered with snow – Such a surface often leads to compromised traction, braking, and grip. All these driving conditions are considered to find out the performance of the tyre on such a surface.
  • Roads covered with ice – Roads that are covered with ice can hamper traction grip and braking capacity. Tests will be done on artificially iced surfaces. Tracks have sensors installed to get an accurate picture of the extent to which the car veers off in every circumstance.

The testing activities are constantly being developed and enhanced to boost the tyre performance. They also pave the way for more innovations to take place in tyre performance. Extensive testing is what distinguishes a great tyre from an average one.

Winter tyres are crucial for those who live in places where winter is extremely harsh. Top-notch equipment, various tests, and experts in the field ensure that the tyres can give an outstanding performance even in the most extreme weather condition.

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