What are the 7 chakras in our body and their effects on body?

what are the 7 chakras in our body
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Everyone thinks what are the 7 chakras in our body. As we all knows Chakras can be consider as the vortexes of energy situated at different points in the spinal cord. There are seven such Chakras, and they are connect various glands and organs of the body.

These 7 Chakras are distributing the life energy, which is called Praana or Qi also. As each of these Chakras refers to spiritual, psychological and physical aspects of human life, their blockage or malfunction can result in emotional, physical or psychological disturbances.

If these energy centres are balance itself, it leads to a good state of physical health and well-being. This is why practising asanas is intend to stimulate Chakras and balance the energies in the human body.

The history of Chakras

Due to popularity of yoga and meditation Chakras are came to know. As we all knows Chakras are originate in India as we can see them in Vedas too. Chakras are came to know in 1500 BC to 1000 BC. There is lot to study about them.

Below we listed all 7 chakras of our body check them out.

1. Muladhara Chakra or the Root Chakra

Muladhara Chakra is situated at the base of the human spine. Its exact position is between genital organs and the anus. It represents the earth and radiates red colour.

what are the 7 chakras in our body
Source: Healthline

It represents emotions like stability, survival, self-sufficiency, ambition etc. A person lacks aim, feels insecure, frustrated, rootless, and unstable when his Muladhara Chakra is out of balance. When the mudra is balance, he will feel stable, energetic, strong and self-confident. Practising yoga asanas like Vrikshasana or Tadasana can help one to balance Muladhara Chakra.

2. Swadhisthana Chakra or Chakra of the Sacred 

The second Chakra, known as the Swadhisthana Chakra or the Sacred Vortex, is located in the lower part of the abdomen. It is about four fingers below the navel. It represents water and radiates orange colour. Basic sexual needs, creativity, desires, and self-esteem are the characteristics of this Chakra.

what are the 7 chakras in our body
Source: Healthline

A person with an unbalanced Swadisthana Chakra will feel irritable and emotionally explosive and lack creativity and energy. Such persons will be obsesses with sexual desires. When this Chakra is balanced, he feels satisfied, intuitive, compassionate and positive. Practising Kaakasana or Crow Posture, Trikonasana, or the Triangle posture is good for balancing the Swadhishthana Chakra.

3. Manipura Chakra or Chakra of the Solar Plexus

The third Chakra known as the Manipura Chakra or Chakra of the Solar Plexus is above the navel between the umbilical at the position of the solar plexus. It represents fire, and it radiates yellow colour.

what are the 7 chakras in our body
Source: Healthline

This Chakra represents energy and emotions like aggression, anger etc. A Manipura imbalance can lead to physical manifestations like diabetes or digestive problems. An imbalance in the Manipura chakra can cause a lack of self-esteem, depression, perfectionism and anger.

When Manipura chakra is in balance, one will feel confident, energetic, focused and productive. Asanas, namely the arch position or the cobra position or the bend position, are suitable for bringing balance in Manipura chakra.

4. Anahata Chakra or the heart chakra

As the name suggests, Anahata chakra is located at the heart location. Its element is air, and the colour it radiates is green. This Chakra is consider as the balance position within the human body.

what are the 7 chakras in our body
Source: Healthline

This Chakra characterizes emotions like attachment, love, trust, compassion and passion. When these Chakras are imbalance, the persons can have emotional problems like lack of confidence, anger, jealousy, mood swings, fear etc.

When the Chakras are in balancing, people feel optimistic, motivate, friendly, caring and understanding. Setu Bandhasana, Matsyasana, Purvottanasana etc., are found to bring out the balance in this Chakra.

5. Vishuddh Chakra or the Throat Chakra 

Vishuddh chakra, or we can say the Throat Chakra, is located at the throat of a person. It coincides with the thyroid gland. Its element is space, and bright blue is its colour. It represents expression, faith, and communicating ability.

Throat chakra
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An imbalance of this chakra can result in shyness, inability to express thoughts and weakness. When Vishuddh Chakras balance the creativity, communication, self-expression, and satisfaction are improved. Asanas like Sarvagansan, and Halasana are good for stimulating Vishuddh Chakras.

 6. Agya Chakra or the third eye Chakra

Agya Chakra or The Third Eye Chakra is between the eyebrows. Its colour is indigo blue, and it has no element. This Chakra is often consider the point where a person’s mind is expect to be concentrate while doing some asanas.

Third eye chakra
Source: Healthline

Karma from a previous life is considered destroyed, and intuitive knowledge and liberation are obtained by focusing on Agya Chakra while meditating. Intelligence, understanding, intuition, self-knowledge and the ability to discern are the characteristics of Agya Chakra.

One will feel non-assertive, selfish and fearful of success when Agya Chakra is out of balance. Headaches, eye strain and blurring vision are consider the physical manifestations of imbalance of Agya Chakra.

If the Agya Chakra of a person is well balanced, he will have his control, and he will not be much attached to material things and will be without any fear of death. By practising Sirshasana, the Agya Chakra is stimulates and gets balance. 

 7. Sahasrara Chakra or The Crown Chakra 

Sahasrara Chakra or The Crown Chakra is on top of the human head. No element is attach to this Chakra. Purple or white is the associated colour of Sahasrara Chakra. This is consider as the Chakra or the energy, enlightenment and dynamic thinking.

Crown Chakra
Source: Healthline

It produces a flow of wisdom in the inward direction and brings cosmic consciousness into one’s life. When Sahasrara Chakras are imbalanced, people feel frustrate, and no spark of joy is felt in their life. Practising Sirsasana can help bring balance to Sahasrara Chakra.

This is the last Chakra and hope after this your question on what are the 7 chakras in our body has the best answer through this article.

In Brief

For balancing the life you have to medidate including yoga and for this you have to know about what are the 7 chakras in our body and what are their effects on the body. It realignment your life and gives your life a smoothness.

As we all knows in today lifestyle no one even think about and lost the most beautiful thing to do in their daily life. It cleanse your inner body and gives you the positiveness in your life and it is the best exercise for good health.

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