VPS Singapore | Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid while choosing VPS

While starting an online business in Singapore, you make a lot of mistakes. Choosing a VPS Singapore Hosting provider is one of those. Due to high work pressure, usually people pay less attention to their hosting plans and end up buying the wrong VPS Hosting package for their business.

VPS Singapore
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Due to increased demand for online services, you will see thousands of web hosting companies selling cheap vps hosting in Singapore. Choosing the right hosting provider is your responsibility.

No company will show its loopholes to you. Your even small mistake could put your business at high risk. Therefore choose the one that satisfies all your business needs and helps your business grow exponentially.

Here is the list of 5 mistakes that you usually make while choosing a VPS Singapore provider:

1. Choosing a VPS Hosting Singapore Package which doesn’t Guarantee Refunds

While choosing the best Singapore VPS Hosting provider, make sure your hosting company has a refund policy. Many times it happens, people purchase VPS Hosting Singapore without paying attention to the refund policy. But when they realize that this hosting is not working well for them or troubling their work, they regret their decision. So, better you check the refund policy of VPS hosting companies before making your final decision.

Usually, a reliable web hosting company offers a 30 days money-back guarantee, but it can differ from other companies. Some might take more time, like 90 days, or some settle down payment within 7 days. It all depends on their policies.

If you want to check whether what the company is saying in their terms and conditions are actually reliable, read their customer reviews. Reading customer reviews of the hosting provider tells a lot about companies services, customer support, resources, and much more.

2. Ignoring Security Parameters

Usually, people with less hosting knowledge don’t pay attention to the security of their website. Initially, they feel not having security parameters won’t affect their website much. But once they see cyber phishing on their website, they regret their decision.

If you are running a business website that conducts monetary transactions on a daily basis, security measures are a must for them. Even if you are an ordinary blogger, then also you should not take a risk with your private information.

Getting a VPS Singapore hosting service that offers a free SSL certificate, meaning giving HTTPs status to your website URL, ensures your website’s security as well as boost your search engine ranking.

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3. Using a Free VPS Hosting Service

Wherever the word “Free” comes, it attracts a lot of attention. Most people get into this free VPS Hosting Singapore Services trap to save a big chunk of money. But is it good to host your business website on free Singapore vps hosting?

I will say a big no as the websites hosted on free hosting services are full of ad banners and pop-ups, giving your visitors a bad experience. Such websites also face ranking difficulty, or say, get less preference in search ranking.

Free services are not at all reliable; therefore, you cannot expect a refund for the losses you bear due to the low speed, performance, or downtime of your server. Moreover, your website could be deleted anytime without any prior notice. So you better never go for free VIP hosting services.

4. Not Being Aware of disclaimers.

While choosing a cheap Singapore vps plan, you don’t read the disclaimer and end up buying a plan that costs you big in future. Many web hosting companies say we offer unlimited bandwidth, storage, RAM, CPU, etc.

But do they really mean what they say. Such companies always mention their conditions in the disclaimer, which most people forget to read. However, before purchasing any Singapore vps hosting plan, read the disclaimers carefully. Because once you host your website, it is tough to move your website to another web hosting company.

5. Buying Only for the Price

Most people think that almost all web hosting companies offer the same kind of services an resources. So, they start looking for cheap VPS Singapore plans. What do you think cheap vps Singapore plans are really worth? I will say if Company X is offering the same VPS Hosting services as company Y. Still, Company X price is higher than company Y.

Then company Y is somewhere compromising with the quality of services and resources they are offering because no company wants to bear a loss. Therefore, never only buy for the price but look into real insights of the company.

Choose or Buy VPS Singapore plan that covers all your business website requirements and help your business grow exponentially in the future.

Wisesolution: The most reliable VPS Hosting Provider in Singapore

Wisesolution is the industry-leading VPS hosting provider in Singapore. The company was founded in 2010, and till now, it has successfully served more than 6000+ customers globally. Its technical team stays available 24/7 to resolve all its customers’ hosting issues promptly.

All its VPS Singapore plans are mentioned clearly without any loophole. So, you can trust this company and host your business website with wisesolution. In case your websites hit unexpected traffic overnight, you can easily scale up your resources in a short time.

Plans and Prices

The Wisesolution offers the most reasonable Singapore vps plans starting from basic to enterprise level. To know the prices, check out its plans given below:


To avoid any mistake while purchasing your VPS Singapore make sure you take an informed decision. Read the disclaimers and refund guarantee policy of your web hosting company carefully.

Find out what you actually need for your website without getting into the trap of free vps services or choose vps Singapore plans that look cheap to you. Security measures are a must for every website, so do not dare to ignore them.
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