Top 5 best exercises for good health. Check benefits

If you’re an office man/woman or not a serious exerciser and wants your bodyweight should be fit- and you want to look fit in every getup and feel better, then these 5 best exercises for good health.

Just having a walk-in park, travel, hiking, or riding a bicycle can be enough to make you look better.

Yet there are many best exercises and workouts you can do without a gym and didn’t require any equipment or Dumbbell to do that. 

These Top 5 best exercises can make your physique like. These exercises work out plan keep your weight under control, make your bones thicker, protect your joints, and most importantly, it can make your muscles group stronger.

No matter how old are you or how you are in fitness, these exercises are perfect for all age groups.


If we talk about walking, it is a straightforward exercise, but yet it is powerful and makes your abdominal flat. It can make strength-training if you do it regularly, it improves your cholesterol level in your body, strengthens your knees, butts, muscles and bones can even improve your memory loss, also lowers the risk of a heart attack.

Basically, daily workout routine of walking in the fresh air makes your posture and core muscles stronger.
Some studies show that walking and doing other physical activities can improve your memory and makes you long live.


Push up best exercise
Image by David Mark

For strength and want to increase shoulder-width then push-up and pullups are too beneficial for our full body and upper body. They mainly build the muscles of triceps and shoulders. When we have done it in a proper way they also very helpful for lower back and core our abdominal is boosted just because of doing Push-ups

Push-ups are a speedy and effective exercise to build mind and body. We don’t need any equipment for that it can be done anywhere or at any place by doing 10 Rep regularly.

Doing push up every day can too much effective as compared to any other exercise. If you follow push-ups in daily routine, then you’ll notice that gains in an upper-body pumped fast as compare to other exercises.


Jump rope best exercise
Image by wandus

Jumping rope everyone is aware of it comes under $20, which is fits in your briefcase and the good thing is that you can use it by your whole family. It improves your legs and thighs muscles and cardiovascular at the same time. What you have to do is use for just 15-20 minutes for 10 to 20 Repetition daily it will burn your all the calories.

Using Jumping rope daily is a good Calorie burner its also good for heart, strengthens your upper and lower body and in a short time, burns too many calories from your body.


Tells you about the dynamic strengthening best exercise is SQUAT that requires all muscles in your upper lower body and hips to work together.

Squats best exercise
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Adding squats in your exercise as a daily routine workout by doing some warm-up is a perfect task to do. It boosts and builds strength of your body decreases the risk of injury in your body; circulation from your joints also working well by doing this exercise daily. Still, these are just a few benefits of leg exercises.

While doing daily work, our body muscles help to gives power such as walking carries the heavy loads, bending, etc., so we must say for muscles strength keep this exercise in your daily routine. It is also a best exercises for good health.

Note: We also know with other name is Sit-ups.


Plank best exercise
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When we talk about the abdominal exercise, how we forget about the planks. It is the most effective way to build your abdominal muscles and strengthen your core from deep.

It is also known as burn fat and ab workout exercise. Effectively doing planks regularly can improve your stability of elbow, injuries, and most importantly, it maintains your mobility. It is the basic exercise by doing both hands on the floor makes you stronger day by day. It is basically for those who wish six-pack abs or wants to lose the belly fat.

So, what are you waiting for? Try planks and make your tummy tight with improved stability and core strength.

It requires fewer repetitions, and you look great. They are just few best exercises for good health