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Everyone heard about the Titanic and Titanic drawing with its wreck. Several movies are also made on it. The reasons why Titanic sank? Have been explained already. Still, several stories and mysteries are remained to explain. The facts are at their place; an artist never stops imagination. The great titanic ship, which was said to be unsinkable, sank in the sea. How did it happen?

Titanic drawing
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On 15 April 1912, the British Ocean liner RMS Titanic during its journey to new york, collided with an iceberg. This caused damage to the ship, and the boat sank. At that time, more than 2200 passengers were present on the boat. The Titanic sank after one and half hours after the collision with the iceberg.

The titanic was designed so well that it could not sink. It could float on water even if water floods in the four compartments of a ship out of twelve. The ship still could sail even if the water floods in four compartments. Also, it was the fastest ship claims. Also, another thing that claimed it unsinkable is that great scientists designed it. Every single item on the ship was for a reason. The small boats in the titanic were kept less, as all were confident that it would not sink. Just for the law, they kept safety items much less than the passengers.

But the things happened differently in the story of the unsinkable ship. The titanic stuck in the storm and continued to move at full speed as it was made to do so. But anyone didn’t know that what is going to happen next. The ship collided with the iceberg. It gets damaged.

And as you know that it could float even if four of the compartments get flooded. But the damage caused the rupture of the fifth compartment. This caused the titanic to sink. The Titanic was sinking, and the small boats were launched with the people. But only some people could get into them. The ship got the vertical position and sank. The survivors never forgot that thing. That’s how the largest ocean liner, Titanic – the unsinkable ship sank.

The thing that will surprise you more is that the story of an unsinkable ship was predicted about 14 years ago. The writer Morgan Robertson had written a book named “futility- the wreck of titan.” If you read it, you can’t believe that how many similar things happened. The ship in the book was titan, and it also had compartments; if nine chambers get filled, then also ship could sink. The journey was too new york in the book. The titan in the book was called unsinkable and the same as the real titanic. The ship in the book has also collided with the iceberg, and in reality, the same happened. Also, the titan sank vertically same happened here too. There were fewer boats in the titan to satisfy the law and the same in the titanic. Everything matches. This means unknowingly Morgan Robertson was predicting the future of the unsinkable boat unknowingly. Isn’t it mysterious?

 Titanic Drawings and its rare images

Several artists across the world have made the Titanic drawings according to their imagination and the news available. Let us get through these rare drawings of the titanic. Titanic graphics are infrequent, and these titanic drawings have a deep meaning. The titanic pictures are so realistic that they seem to be confirmed. Check these realistic and rare titanic drawings.

Titanic drawing
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This is the titanic drawing which is taken from a page of the publication named the graphic. In this titanic drawing, the scene explains the launch of the lifeboats from the titanic. Most of them were women and children. Unfortunately, the boats were not sufficient to accommodate all of the people in the titanic. This titanic drawing is so deeply created, we can feel what would happen there.

Titanic drawing
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Another titanic drawing from the graphic is here. This realistic titanic drawing explains how the iceberg caused damage to the ocean liner and how the titanic people were present in the different rooms of the ship. The iceberg caused damage to the five compartments, and the water started flooding. One can easily understand the condition from this titanic drawing.

Titanic drawing
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The Le petit journal, in 1912, published this titanic drawing demonstrating how the titanic got into the fog and struck the iceberg. It is one of the paintings from several famous titanic pictures.

Rare images of titanic:

Here are some rare images of the titanic- British ocean liner RMS, which was captured before it sank. Also, these rare images of the titanic show how was that time and how the people of that time were. All the photos are black and white, and the images tell us many things about the titanic.

Source: news18

This is the rare image of titanic’s first-class passengers list. These were the people who booked the first class of the titanic. The names with a cross are not in the world, and the rest are the survivors.

This is the rare image of the titanic, showing the lifeboats on the ship. This is the occasional image of the ocean liner titanic.

These were some realistic Titanic Drawings and their rare images. I hope you have read the full story of the unsinkable ship. Here was the article on the topic Titanic drawing and its rare pictures and Read the story of the unsinkable ship.

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