How to make your hair black naturally | Best home remedies

how to make your hair black naturally
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In today’s generation and due to our modern lifestyle, we all face the problem of greying hair, and after this, we always try to find ways How to make your hair black naturally.

Some peoples have an opinion about premature hair greying in which they believe that hair gray is the sign of wisdom and maturity, but what about when you are in your 20s.

After research, we came to the leading cause of premature hair greying is occurs just because of deficiency of melanin. Melanin is mainly responsible for the color of hair.

But before we dip to the point, we have to know the main reasons and factors of greying hair. Also, talk about the solutions for grey hair.

1. Use home remedies to get rid of white hair

In this article, we try and keep in mind that we only use those remedies which are available at every home. 

Back tea rinse

Black tea rinse is available almost in every house.

How to use black tea rinse to make your hair black?

  1. Boil a cup of water
  2. After boiling the water, add two tablespoons of black tea with one tablespoon of salt.
  3. Leave it for 1 hour to make it cool at room temperature.
  4. Apply it generously in the roots of the hair and make a bun if you are female
  5. Washed it carefully without using any shampoo or other products

Note: Repeat it twice a week and darken your grey hair.

Scientific: Black tea is a good source of caffeine which is fully loaded with many anti-oxidants. It is responsible for stimulates your hair root and strengthen your hair with shiny.

Natural hair dye

You can make your hair dye which is totally organic and chemically free. We have listed it here because of its ingredients which are also easily available in our houses since home-based hair dye is not vital as the dye which is available in the market. But if we use natural hair dyes several times continuously, it works with no side effects and makes your hair black naturally.

how to make your hair black naturally
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We suggested some of the natural ingredients are:

Henna and coffee

Henna and coffee are the best sources of melanin which is the responsible color of our hairs. Also, it is available easily

  1. Boil the water at the intense flame.
  2. Add one tablespoon of coffee powder in hot boiling water.
  3. Now remove it from the stove and leave it for 1 or 2 hours at room temperature.
  4. After it becomes cool, add Henna powder to it and make a paste.
  5. Leave it for some time.

Note: Whenever you wish to use this paste to your hair, take and mix it with one tablespoon of any oil you use and apply it gently all over the hair.

Wash-out it after an hour. It is the best herbal way get the permanent hair color.

Coconut oil and Lemon

Coconut oil and Lemon have many good ingredients, which is helpful for your coloring your hair. A mixture of Coconut oil and Lemon has the power to preserving pigment cells in your hair follicles and make your hair black.

  1. Take one tablespoon of coconut oil with the same quantity of lemon juice, and it is mixed simultaneously.
  2. Apply it to the roots of the hair and massage it well.
  3. Leave it for a while and washed it.
  4. For best results, use it twice a week.

2. Make your natural hair dye last longer.

We often think about why our dye color fades too fast. Don’t worry about it; we listed some of the points below, which help your hair color last longer.

how to make your hair black naturally
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  1. Never use hot water to wash your hair.
  2. Be in limit while using your hair tools like Hairdryer, straightener, etc.
  3. Don’t stand for too long in direct sunlight.
  4. Only take shampoo twice a week.
  5. Limit your hair products like Hair gel, wax, etc.

3. What are the Best Brands for Natural hair dye?

As an office guy, we have not too much time to make and apply the natural hair dye. So we list some of the products which are also an excellent alternative to our home-based natural color hair dye.

  1. SheaMoisture
  2. Naturtint
  3. Clairol’s Natural Instincts
  4. Lush’s Henna Hair Dyes

These are the top 4 brands which we recommend to our readers.

4. Change your lifestyle to make your hair black again.

Sometimes the problem is not big enough what we thought about that. We choose and apply many harmful products over by making some lifestyle changes to prevent gray hair. If you are worried and spot some hair gray hair, you can make lifestyle changes to make your original hair color longer.

how to make your hair black naturally
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Below we provide some of the changes you should follow in your daily routine to make your hair black naturally.

Take vitamins

Lack of vitamins in your body is mainly responsible for premature graying hair.

Take vitamins which includes:

  • B vitamins, especially B-12 and biotin
  • vitamin D
  • E vitamin
  • vitamin A

Take proper minerals

Minerals are responsible for hair growth, repair the hair, and make it strong.

For minerals, we should consume

  • zinc
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • copper

Protect your hair from direct sunlight

Whenever you are outside, especially in summers, always cover your hair with a scarf or give it a proper shed.

Stop Smoking

Smoking and drinking liquors are mainly responsible for graying your hair. The high rate of smoking can damage your hair and make it worse.

Stop damaging your hair.

There are many reasons which are responsible for damaging your hair.

Some are given below:

  • bleaching your hair regularly
  • Using narrow space comb
  • Using hair dryer regularly
  • Chemical-based shampoos or soap is used regularly

5. In Brief

As we become old, our hair follicle also becomes old thatswhy they produce less melanin. Due to less melanin, our hair starts to grey or white in color.

As you read all the possible steps taken for white or grey hairs and you are not satisfied with your result, then you should consult your doctor. They approach it clinically; besides this, it is possible to be allergic. They give you the best advice and provides a permanent solution for makes your hair black naturally.

Your doctor checks your scalp; maybe the white hair is just because your some allergic due to the usage of many hair products. As we know, we use any type of hair gel, hair wax, hair curlers that harm our scalp; that’s why it also the main factor that our hair becomes white or grey in color.

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