How to install PUBG on PC | How to play PUBG mobile on pc

If you are a fan of PUBG games and want to play them on the big screen of your PC or laptop instead of your phone, then you are on the right mouse button. Here you can learn about how to install PUBG on PC

How to install PUBG on PC
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 As we all know, South Korean game developer Crafton released the recently released Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) beta in June, reviving PUBG Mobile games that are now banned in India. Workspace Lovers is a tool that allows you to install Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and play it on PC and PC. 

 Battlegrounds Mobile India (2021) Play on PC and laptop 

Bluestacks 5 is the only Android emulator officially supported by BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) at writing. When you open the game, various emulators will give you a busy error message. After deleting, you can download and install BGMI on your computer. 

 Download and install PUBG on BlueStacks 

1. Visit BlueStack’s official website and download BlueStacks 5. 

Remember, you need BlueStacks 5 to play BGMI on your PC. I receive an error message when trying to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on BlueStacks 4

2. Open the BlueStacks installation log and click the Install Now button to install BlueStacks on your Windows PC

Bluestacks 5 is not currently available for macOS, so you will not be able to play BGMI on your Mac. Mobile India (PUBGMI) 


  1. On BlueStacks.After installing BlueStacks, open the Play Store from the homepage. When you open the Play Store on BlueStacks, you need to log in with your Google account. This is the first step for getting know about how to install PUBG on PC
How to install PUBG on PC
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 2. Every time you log in, click the notification box at the top of the Play Store, type “Mobile Monuments India,” and press Enter. 

 3. After launching the game from the Play Store, click Install to download the game. 

 4. After the installation is complete, click “Open” to use BlueStacks 5 to play BGMI on your PC or PC. 

 5. As with portable devices, you need to log in to the game with a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. It would help if you also loaded tangible assets before playing. Depending on the specifications of your computer, you can choose a low-performance resource pack of 381.3 MB or a high-resolution resource pack of 619.8 MB. 

 6. After the download is complete, review the security policy to ensure you are over 18 years old and measure registry drift if necessary. Learn how to transfer your PUBG Mobile registration information to Battlegrounds Mobile India (within three days). After completing all these operations, you will enter the BGMI main screen, as shown in the figure below. 

 Remap keys in the BGMI emulator on PC 

 If you tend to remap keys for better competition, BlueStacks Advanced Corrector can do it. This is a way to remap keyboard shortcuts in Battlegrounds Mobile India using the BlueStacks emulator on PC and PC. 

 1. First, enter the configuration in BGMI. You can do this by clicking the small “up” screw in the upper right corner of the base. From the pop-up menu, click Settings. 

 2. Then go to the “Controls” area on the right. Then immediately click the “Change” button to access the Control Remap user interface in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

 3. From here, click the “Manage Game” button in the right toolbar of BlueStacks 5 and select the “Open Advanced Editor Manager” option. 

 4. Currently, you can assign a custom key number to any control available in BGMI. To place a control button in the game, add another touchpoint from the right pane and move the switch. For example, I assigned the “F” key to open the input, the key number 7 to open the settings, and then played BGMI on the PC. This one always helpful and get you know for How to install PUBG on PC

Change the emulator settings to improve the performance of BGMI on the PC. 

 I have given BGMI the ability to play with MSI PCs equipped with Intel i59300H processors and Nvidia GTX 1650 MaxQ design cards, as well as high-definition graphics at approximately 30 frames per second and high-speed chassis for configuration.

How to install PUBG on PC

At a rate of 90 frames per second, which is about 70 frames per second. If you currently want a smooth BGMI experience on your PC, here are some changes that can be run on BlueStacks: 

Use the simple console path “Ctrl + Shift + I” to navigate to BlueStacks settings and switch to “Figure” Tab »on the table on the left. Please make sure that the GPU you are using is configured as a faulty GPU and not a serial GPU.

Otherwise, when playing BGMI on PC, turn on the dedicated GPU preference switch to improve the display effect. In the device settings, it is easier to start the game by changing the device settings file on the primary device. In my test, Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra has been used as a configuration file-saving gadget. 

Use the emulator to play BGMI 

On PC and laptop to use the emulator to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC and PC. Although BlueStacks 5 is a standalone emulator, you can use it for games. 

At BGMI, we presently anticipate different Android emulators to feature help for Battlegrounds Mobile India withinside the coming weeks. At the same time, if you discover that you aren’t in India, you must flip to our beneficial masters.

Install PUBG Mobile on your computer. If you’ve got any other acknowledged techniques to play BGMI on PC and PC, please allow us to realize withinside the remarks below. If you stumble upon any issues throughout the interaction, please touch us. 

 How is BGMI downloading withinside the simulator? 

You best want to download BlueStacks five to play BGMI on the PC emulator. You can now comply with this special manual to put in and play BGMI. 

 How to repair BGMI server busy blunders? 

 To solve employee errors, you want to put the BlueStacks five emulator on your computer. When gambling Battlegrounds Mobile India with BlueStacks five, the “restrained area” blunders will now no longer appear.

Using online answers can keep away from quite a few paintings and restrict nearby errors in the BGMI withinside the simulator. This is much like hacking withinside the game, and we strictly comply with this approach. Crafton also can boycott your recording.

So here is the all points regarding How to install PUBG on PC.

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