How lifestyle medicine benefits us in different ways?

A new medical specialty known as lifestyle medicine can assist you in answering various questions. And making the necessary changes to improve your health, manage or eliminate chronic conditions, reduce your reliance on medications, and live your healthiest life. Lifestyle medicine physicians and professionals can show you how to use personalized lifestyle changes to treat, prevent, and often reverse a wide range of diseases and health problems. Evidence-based prescribing lifestyle medicine is a critical tool for practicing lifestyle medicine. They do not just tell you to lose weight, sleep more, and be more active. They work with you to incorporate prescribed changes into your life and provide coaching and support to keep you motivated and strong.           

lifestyle medicine

Overcoming misfortune with science

With today’s communications technology and culture, it appears that we are constantly bombarded with information and misinformation from all sides. How can you tell what is true and what is best for you with celebrities endorsing fad diets and meal plans and talk shows featuring celebrity doctors who make millions from sponsorships and self-help books? You do not have to wonder about lifestyle medicine. The recommendations and coaching approach are founded on scientific research and data, and they have proven to be effective. There are no gimmicks or very expensive products to purchase. And you will have specific steps that are tailored to your needs, environment, and lifestyle. So you will finally have a path to success that is tailored specifically to you.

Benefit from lifestyle medicine

Many chronic conditions that can be life-threatening have been shown to benefit from lifestyle medicine in terms of prevention, management, and often reversal, including:

  • Type II diabetes
  • Diabetes and the metabolic syndrome
  • The heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Unhealthy body weight
  • Cancer
  • Fatty liver

A foundation for growth

The six pillars of lifestyle medicine are identified and refined over years of research and application, are as follows:

  • Eating whole, plant-based foods and lean protein for good health
  • Physical activity should be increased
  • Sleeping better
  • Relationship formation and maintenance
  • Using healthy coping strategies to manage stress
  • Tobacco and other unhealthy habits must be neglected.
lifestyle medicine

The lifestyle focus of lifestyle medicine

Nutrition and exercise are two of the six essential lifestyle elements that optimize health, prevent, treat, and often reverse conditions, emphasizing sleep, stress, substance abuse, and social connection. Taken as a whole, these are the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine, indicating that the emphasis is on whole-person health. With attention to these pillars, our body is complex, beautifully synchronized, and capable of healing.

Lifestyle medicine is a relatively new field. 

This is an excellent point and one that frequently arises when discussing wellness. In terms of appropriately targeted and dosed lifestyle interventions, there is a significant difference. For example, if a person has a lung infection, there is a healing dosage and period of a specific medication to nursing that infection. Any antibiotic at any dose for any number of days will not work and may be harmful. When it comes to exercise as a lifestyle intervention, we all know that exercise is preferable to none for overall health and wellness. However, if a person has diabetes, the type, timing, and dosing of exercise are critical to moving beyond wellness and into treatment. When combined with similarly dosed nutritional interventions, diabetes and insulin resistance can often be reversed.

Closing thought

A lifestyle medicine prescription should be held to the same standard as a prescription for pharmacotherapy. Lifestyle medicine is about personal preferences, but it may also help shape medical education and practice in the future. The American College of Lifestyle already provides a curriculum for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Thus, make a decision today that will lead to a healthier tomorrow. 

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