Harshad Mehta and where is his family now?

The life of Harshad Mehta is the premise of the Sony Liv web series Scam 1992. Harshad Mehta is considered the undisputed boss of the financial exchange. 

However, in 1992 he was involved in a scam worth millions of rupees. The film stars Pratik Gandhi, Hemant Kher, Anjali Barot, Jai Upadhyay and many others. 

Have you ever wondered where the family of Harshad Mehta is now after watching the series?Then check and find out:

Who is Harshad Mehta?

Harshad Shantilal Mehta was born on July 29, 1954 in Paneli Moti, Rajkot region, in a Gujarati Jain family. His youth was spent in Borivali, where his father lived. humble financial manager. 

Harshad Mehta
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 Passed my first test at Janta Public School, Bhilai Camp 2. As a cricket fan, Mehta had no special guarantees at school and came to Mumbai after preparing for exams and studying the job. 

Mehta received her BA in 1976 from Lala Lajpat Rai University, Bombay, and worked in various temporary jobs for the next eight years. 

 A profession often identified with business includes the sale of knitwear, concrete and jewelry.Mehta started working as a sales representative at the Bombay office of New India Assurance Company Limited (NIACL. 

During that time he was inspired by the stock market, and a few days later he quit and joined a trading company. 

In 1980, he moved to a lower administrative position in the securities trading firm Harjivandas Nemidas, where he replaced, as a trader represented by Prasann Pranjivandas, Broker, who is thought of as a “Teacher”. 

 For ten years, starting in 1980, he has held increasingly responsible positions in the development of commercial enterprises. 

By 1990, he had grown to a position of unmistakable quality in the Indian security industry, with the media (including popular magazines such as Business Today) promoting him as “Amitabh Bachchan in the Stock Market”. 

Conduct further investigation and asset management with financial support from partners as BSE sells trading cards. Of course, he started his business in 1986.

Harshad Mehta
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In the mid-1990s, a number of famous people began to invest resources in his company and use their management agencies, it was from this time that he began to boldly communicate in various departments of the Linked Cement Company (ACC). 

Ultimately, the value of trading at a particular institution increased from 200 to nearly 9,000 due to a series of purchases from a representative group, including Mehta. 

Mehta justified this unnecessary share swap in ACC by the fact that the shares were undervalued and that the market corrected significantly when the organization was overvalued to a value equal to its construction cost is considered the “opportunity cost hypothesis” that he put forward. 

During this period, especially in 1990-1991, the media presented an improved divine image of Mehta, calling him “The Great Bull.” It was featured on the cover for various distributions, including the currency magazine Business.

 Today, in an article titled “The Boiling Bull.”Its eye-catching ocean lifestyle overlooks a 15,000-square-foot penthouse in a thin Worley space with less than expected pool and greenery.

Its fleet of vehicles including Toyota Corolla, Lexus LS400 and Toyota Sera all come off the strip. showed their image when, anyway, they were rare for the wealthy in India. 

In a later criminal trial by experts, it is said that Mehta and his associates at the time adopted a much broader plan to control the growth of the Bombay Stock Exchange. 

As everyone knows, bank receipts are guaranteed, which in fact are not. Bank receipts are used in temporary interbank loans known as “due date” exchanges, which Mehta’s company has accelerated. Stable, 50% In 1991, Mehta was nicknamed “The Big Bull” because he is said to have started a bull cycle in the stock market.Among the people who worked for his company is Ketan Parekh, who was later implicated in his own duplication scam. 

Where is Harshad Mehta’s family now? 

According to a Business Standard article, Harshad Mehta’s son Atur Mehta has acquired a significant stake in Fair Deal Filaments, an EEB registered materials company. 2014 crore for Harshad Mehta, his wife and brother. 

Harshad Mehta’s wife, Jyoti Mehta 

Harshad Mehta’s wife, Jyoti Mehta, won a series of pieces of evidence against the stockbroker Kishore Janani and the Federal Bank, who owed Harshad Mehta Rs 6 crore since 1992, as submitted at the same time. the report states that Jyoti is qualified to receive the amount at a loan cost of 18%. 

Jyoti Mehta 
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Harshad Mehta’s brother, Ashvin Mehta, later received his law degree. With that said, in both the High Court and the High Court of Mumbai, he is a lawyer providing legal advice. many legal disputes. 

Who is the son of Harshad Mehta? 

Harshad Mehta has only one son, Atur Mehta (or Aatur), an Indian money manager, financier and visionary from Mumbai, India. 1992 Misrepresenting India’s defense, Atur prefers to live away from the public eye as a seasoned stockbroker. 

Son of Atur Mehta of Harshad Mehta 

As a rule, since Atur is not on any media sites and is always omitted, it is impossible to access specific data about him anywhere without someone knowing exactly when he was conceived or how old are you.

Then his father died in 2001 from sudden respiratory arrest. Atur does not give interviews, he refuses to reveal his appearance and just tries to leave early, he likes to obscure his personality. 

Where is Atur Mehta now? 

Atur Mehta acquired a particularly significant 23% stake in Fair Deal Filaments, an individual listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, which, according to an article in the Business Standard newspaper, is clearly the company’s favorite.

The film Reasonable Agreement states: “The leadership of the organization has agreed … to sign an agreement to organize the performances, the organization’s advertisers with Aatur Harshad Mehta and Sanalkumar Kizhepata Menon will buy back 1.45 million shares every 2018. 

In the same way. Some articles say that Atur, a non-public school graduate, also opened a business nearby, but no one knows what he is doing or in what area.People began to associate Harshad Mehta’s son with Atur Mehta, the main supporter and CTO of the gated organization Square, also in Mumbai, due to a random name. 

Harshad Mehta and Ashvin Mehta 

Harshad Mehta
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In the mid-1950s, Harshad’s brother, Ashvin Meta, received his law degree and is today an active legal counsel practicing in the High and High Court of the Supreme Court of Mumbai. Without any help, he fought numerous legal disputes and forced his brother to pay about 1.7 billion rupees from banks to avoid having to mention his name. 

 He is Harshad’s lawyer and also a stockbroker for his organization. 

Although the body of evidence against Harshad Mehta ended shortly after his death in 2001, Ashvin continued his litigation until 2018, when he was acquitted by the court due to imitation by the State Bank of India.

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