Hampta Pass Trek | Things to know before cross Hampta Pass

The Hampta Pass located in Himachal Pradesh is a popular trekking spot for many trekkers. The Hampta Pass Trek is considerable and unique for the varied beauty it holds. On one part, that is, Lahaul; Hampta Pass is just sterile and unfruitful with no sign of vegetation whereas on the other side, which falls towards Kullu, is completely engulfed in greenery with mountain trees and forests. The Hampta Pass is situated at a height of 14000 feet and thus, ranging in height it is sure to enthrall the trekkers. 

Hampta Pass
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To reach Hampta Pass trek, make sure to get down at the Pathankot Railway Station in Himachal Pradesh and then begin your trekking journey at Hampta Pass. If you are availing of the aeroplane the Bhuntar Airport is 52 kilometres away from your destination. By road you can start your journey from Delhi, after all, it is easier to reach Manali from Delhi.

Things to Carry in Hampta Pass

Make sure to carry these items with you on your journey:

  1. A flexible walking stick.
  2. A backpack that is not heavy with a rain cover in it.
  3. A torch.
  4. Portable charger and your Mobile phone.
  5. Water bottles (maximum 2 to 3) that can contain 1-liter water and if you want to carry a hydration pack then take 1 hydration pack and 1 bottle (that holds 1-liter water)
  6. Take nutritious dry snacks like dry fruits, biscuits, nuts, chocolates to provide you energy on your trek.
  7. Clothes but don’t overload your trekking backpack with it. Take only a few clothes that you need.
  8. Medical supplies; before you begin your trekking journey see a doctor and take the prescribed medication on your trek. 
  9. You need to take your sunglasses, after all, you might need to wear one if it is too sunny and protect your eyes from harm.
  10. Wear trekking shoes; it can be sports shoes as it is preferably convenient to wear sports shoes as trekking shoes or buy trekking shoes.

Best time to visit Hampta Pass

You can plan your trek at the Hampta Pass from May till October. Generally, trekkers avail to go on trekking from May to October and it is open from October to May as well. You can plan for your journey in between these months.

It closes after October due to extreme snowfall and landslides that can put one’s life in danger. It reaches a temperature below zero degrees and the whole area is covered in freezing white snow making it impossible for trekkers to trek in safety. 

If you are thinking about trekking in August, then it is going to be a sunny journey for you. 

If you are craving to enjoy the easy snow trails then the perfect time is from May to June and from September to October.

It is not possible to trek after the sun has set because the atmosphere turns frosty and cold, lowering down to 0°C. Whereas the mornings range from 12°C to 20°C. 

During the tour, visitors can experience nature’s beauty at its best. In other words, it’s the best tour for you to see the beauty of nature.

A dramatic Hampta Pass trek

All those who love mountains and want a thrilling adventure in the presence of giants should consider Hampta Pass Trek. It is a moderately high elevation trek that is great for novice mountaineers and amateurs alike. A trekker can scale approximately 14000 feet of altitude during the course of the trek. Acclimatization is not necessary.

During the tour, the tourists will visit a number of beautiful and distinctive locations like Chikka, the first point of the excursion. Along the way, hikers will see Rhododendron, Oak, and Pine groves. The Hampta River also crosses the route. The Hampta River provides access to the Lahaul and Spiti Valley for the natives of Hampta. Primi Village marks the start of Hampta Pass Ranges. As the trek progresses, the scenery changes. There is plenty of lush greenery and beautiful scenery on the trail.

During the tour, visitors can experience nature’s beauty at its best. In other words it’s the best tour for you to see the beauty of nature.

Hampta pass trek route

  • Day 1. Delhi – Manali (Approx 575 kms/14 hrs) Other Benfits (On Arrival)
  • Day 2. Manali.
  • Day 3. (approximately 4 hours drive from Manali to Pandu Ropa)
  • Day 4. Pandu Ropa – Chikka
  • Day 5. Chikka – Balu Ka Gera
  • Day 6. Balu Ka Gera – Hampta Pass
  • Day 7. Hampta Pass – Chatru
  • Day 8. Chatru – Manali

Hampta pass trek budget

It costs INR 6999 for an adult to trek to Chandratal Lake and Hampta Pass. You can also benefit from great discounts on group bookings if you travel in a group.

How high is Hampta pass?

Hampta pass height is14,009′ft

Hampta pass best time to visit

Trekking is best between June and October because in the winter, the paths are snow-covered and the trek is closed. All-inclusive packages include meals, transfers, guides, and other amenities, so make sure you choose the right package.

The Hampta Pass is a great place to see snow in its multiple hues if you want to experience snow in mid-June. Hampta Pass, which is accentuated by the narrow valley, makes this landscape unique. In June, Hampta Pass trekkers can enjoy the best weather conditions

Is Hampta pass trek easy?

There is no difficulty level for the Hampta Pass trek. Included in the difficulty of trekking to Chandratal lake. Excellent for beginners to make this trek. There are 5 days and 4 nights involved in the Hampta pass trek.

Hampta pass trek package

It includes five days and four nights of accommodations, meals, activities, transportation, pick up and drop, as well as all necessary permits and licenses. It is best to make the Hampta Pass trek during the months of June to October.

Usually, it costs INR 6999 per adult but if you are traveling with groups of friends or family there is a chance that you can get a discount.

Can Hampta pass be done alone?

Mountain aloneness should never be risked. You may, however, be able to complete the Hampta Pass trek by yourself with your own gear and maps if you are an experienced trekker and have completed other high-altitude treks.

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Is Hampta pass safe?

In Himachal Pradesh, the Hampta Pass is one of the top treks. … Hampta Pass is generally not recommended during the monsoon season. In this region, landslides can be a problem in the late summer and early fall. Besides becoming slippery, the trail can also pose a risk to hikers.

Delhi to Hampta pass

The distance between New Delhi and Hampta Pass is 634 kilometers. Starting your journey from Delhi, you must reach the base camp in Manali before getting to the pass. A direct flight from Delhi to Manali and an overnight trip in a luxury bus or cab can easily cover the distance of 536 Km, which is easy to cover by flight or overnight travel.

Hampta pass direction

Manali to Jobra Day 1: 

An earlier arrival in Manali is recommended 

By 10.30, get to the Keylinga Inn in Prini. After lunch, leave for Jobra (2 hours drive). Approximately Rs.2,500 will be charged for each taxi. In the trek fee, this is not included. Trekkers share the cost and the driver is paid directly.

Trek time: 30 minutes 

 Jobra to Jwara Day 2:

Duration: 4 hours, 4.5 km 

The gain in altitude of 9,379 feet to 11,194 feet 

 Jwara to Balu ka Ghera Day 3:

Travel distance: 5 km | Time required: 4 hours
Increase in altitude: 11,194 ft to 12,411 ft

Taking the Hampta Pass to Balu Ka Ghera, Day 4:

The trek lasted nine hours and covered a distance of five kilometers.

A gain of 12,411 feet to 13,065 feet to 12,866 feet. (12,411 ft)

Shea Goru to Chhatru Day 5:

6 km trek, 4.5 hours.
10,898 ft of altitude loss 

The locals of Hampta Pass are very innocent and good people but they have various beliefs about souls going to Heaven and Hell. The locals believe that after death the souls gather at Hampta. Most of them had heard souls weeping or sounds of the trumpet.

It is believed by them that if one’s weeping then that soul is being pulled towards Hell but the sound of trumpet leads the soul towards Heaven. The villagers of Hampta have lived in agricultural facilities for a long time. Many turned into local guides for the trekkers.

Chhatru to Manali Day 6:

Approximately 4 hours of driving. It is expected that you will arrive in Manali around 12 pm.

Is there network in Hampta pass?

Once you start hiking from Hamta Dam, there is no mobile coverage. Also, the trek won’t be connected. Our camp leaders and guides communicate by walkie-talkie.

Level of Difficulty 

Hampta Pass
Source: trekkerofIndia

The Hampta Pass Trek is not much of a difficult trekking spot for beginner trekkers to advanced trekkers. It is such a trekking spot that is loved and preferred by many trekkers. Now if you are adventurous enough then the Hampta Pass Trek can be a hard trekking spot for you as well. The low altitudes might be easy to trek at but once you trek at the higher altitudes you will have to face challenges now and then.

Reasons to do

There are various reasons to do at this Trek such as :

  1. The transport accessibility is not hectic from Delhi after all Manali is 550 kilometers away from Delhi.  
  2. One of the biggest factors about trekking at Hampta is that both the beginners and the advanced trekkers can trek at the Hampta Pass and is suitable for every trekker trekking at Hampta Pass.
  3. The panoramic beauty that is provided by this Pass while you are trekking is a sight to behold. The fresh breeze, the lush green vegetation, the gushing waters of the streams and the mountain ranges are sure to bewitch you with its gorgeousness.

4. Camping at various beautiful spots in Hampta Pass will provide you with an experience of how beautiful the hills are. You have to camp starting from Jobra, Jwara, Balu Ka Gera and at last, Shea Goru.

5. You will be mesmerized for your life while you go on trekking at Hampta Pass.

Places to visit in Hampta Pass

The beautiful trek here is going to show you the beautiful scenic spots during your trek :

  1. Chandratal Lake
  2. Chira
  3. Siaguru
  4. Chatru 
  5. You have to cross the Rohtang pass
  6. The dry and barren side of Lahaul and the evergreen vegetation of Kullu

About the locals 

Some facts

The short trek at Hampta Pass with the beliefs of the locals will make you sense being in a different world. The Hampta Pass trek is not a risky trekking point for every trekker. Transportation is easily available; by rail, by royal, or by air. You can breathe in the enchanting purity and bliss of the Hampta Pass.

Peoples think that Hampta Pass trekking is full of risk but truth is that this trekking is not a risky point. You can feel secure while trekking the trekking spot has many security types of equipment that are there which is helpful for people while trekking there.

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