Corporate Photography 2021: Do’s & Don’ts

Corporate photogrphy

“First impression is the last impression.”  This saying is true, especially when it comes to corporate photography. In the corporate world, people judge you through your looks, known as the “halo effect”. If you don’t look impressive enough, people will form negative opinions about you, irrespective of your qualities.

In simple words, you need to look very professional to succeed in the corporate world. Unfortunately, this “halo effect” also exists in the case of corporate headshots. Therefore, it is necessary to have impressive professional headshots. It will help you in getting a job as well as promotion. 

The headshots are also placed on the professional website of the company, which is viewed by many visitors. Your stunning images can benefit your company too. They help in making a solid impression on the viewers and encourage them to connect with your organization.

The best corporate photographers in Bristol and across the globe always assist you to look great in headshots. So that you can achieve significant milestones in your career. Photographers click stunning pictures of you, which you can put in the social media profiles like Linkedin, Facebook etc., and grab the attention of the big brands.

Here are some tips that can make you look fabulous in the headshots.


  • Pick Your Outfit Wisely

Choosing an outfit for a corporate headshot is a challenging job as you want to look perfect. We suggest you choose an attire that looks a bit professional and makes you feel comfortable. Don’t wear casual dresses. Formal suits always enhance your look like a professional. 

  • Do Some Practice

Expert corporate photographers always advise doing some practice in front of a mirror before the shoot. Always practice with your tech gadgets like Camera, tripods etc. This will help you to loosen up and build confidence. Make sure your all gadgets have 5g connectivity. You have to be updated in 2021.

Moreover, you will get to know which expression suits you the most. The more confident you are at the time of the shoot, the more impressive pictures you will get. This is the easiest way to look good in the photos.

  • Don’t Hesitate To Smile.

Smiling is another great way to reflect confidence and positiveness in photographs. Your smile helps you to make a genuine connection with the audience. There is no hard and fast rule about smiling in a headshot- Smile the way you feel comfortable. But remember, a fake and forced smile can have a harmful impact on the clicks. So smile with your heart during a corporate shoot. 

  • Pay Attention To Your Hair

The way you style your hair also plays a vital role in making you look attractive. Some women look good in a bun, while others seem great in loose hair. Similarly, some men look cool with spikes, while others appear attractive in a comb-over haircut. Therefore, choose the hairstyle in which you look decent as well as inviting. Apply hair colour and take a haircut at least 1-week before the shoot. 

  • Be the first to arrive

This is very important part in corporate photography is that you have show up early. Why we tells for first to arrive is you have to makes plans for taking a important shots and this all you have to do before the majority of peoples arrive at the venue.
By arriving early you can figure out all the problems and knows the games of lightning at the venue. So we advice that in a corporate photography you have to arrive and makes plans for the shots you have to taken at the moments.


  • Don’t Put On Heavy Accessories

It is okay to wear a sleek chain or a ring during headshots. But heavy jewellery and gems make you look pretty unprofessional. So, do not put on oversized and bulky jewellery during professional corporate photography sessions.

Sometimes heavy accessories can looks you unprofessional while taking a pictures and disturb and it also disturbed the clients. So we recommends that avoid using too much heavy accessories while taking the picture with the clients.

  • Don’t Wear Vibrant Colored Clothes.

Plain colours look more alluring when it comes to professional headshots. Choose colours like light white, blue, green, purple, wine etc., for headshot sessions. Avoid wearing pastel colours that match your facial skin tone (peach, pale yellow, cream etc.) As they will affect the sharpness of the pictures. Also, extraordinarily vibrant and floral clothes do not look good in professional photos; they distract the images. So, please do not wear them at all.

  • Don’t Wear Heavy Makeup.

Heavy makeup can also give you an artificial look. So, avoid using cosmetics and stay as simple as you can. As heavy makeup can be visible in high quality camera that why clients have to use only the light make up while in the photography. Heavy makeup can be visible in flashes of the Camera too So we recommends avoid wear heavy makeup while photoshoot.

  • Don’t Hire Inexperienced Photographer.

This is the meat. If you wisely follow the above tips but do not hire an experienced corporate photographer, you will not get eye-catching headshots. Simply put, it is essential to appoint highly experienced professionals to shoot corporate photography headshots. Take time and research on the internet about the photographer before making a final deal. 

In Brief

Corporate photography is game of the way what a photographer can see and how he can show his/her creativity. Every photographer is diffrent from one photographer to another Here we tell you all The DO’s and Don’ts for a corporate photography.

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