Cool gadgets on amazon India | Check all the tech gadgets

If you are fond of new gadgets, there’s no more prominent name than Amazon to buy them. You can purchase cool gadgets on amazon India with few touches on your mobile. It’s already 2021, so the cool gadgets on amazon are listed below with a clear description of the products.

Cool gadgets on amazon India
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1. Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Everyone loves to take selfies, and with the help of this mobile photo mini printer, you can even print pictures of your selfies and other moments. You can even edit your images quickly and print photos from your smartphone itself.

It is not heavier like you think; the weight of this mini printer is just the same as your smartphone. In some cases, the weight of this printer is even lesser than your smartphone.

It is one of the coolest gadgets on amazon available right now.

BUY HERE: Mobile Photo Printer

2. Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Wi-Fi smart plug is one of the cheapest and most valuable gadgets that every home needs. It can monitor your device’s energy consumption, such as Microwave ovens, Air conditioners, etc.

The plug can be connected to small appliances like electric kettles, table fans, air purifiers, TVs, etc. It has voice control functionality via Alexa and Google Assistant. You can even schedule your devices to turn on and turn off by this gadget which helps to save money on energy bills.

BUY HERE: Wi-Fi Smart Plug

3. Echo Show

Echo Show is one of the Cool gadgets on amazon India, which Amazon itself produced. It provides high-quality sound and an HD screen. You can make video calls, voice calls and send messages to your friends and family members.

With the help of Alexa, a virtual assistant, you can schedule your days and ask Alexa guides for cooking and TV show recommendations. You can control your other Alexa-enabled intelligent home gadgets through your voice command.

BUY HERE: Echo Show

4. Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

Wi-Fi smart LED light bulb controls your lamp with an app (respective to the company). These smart LED bulbs always come in many colors, and some companies provide millions of colors.

So you can change your room theme to anything you want, such as a party, night, colorful, etc. You can control these smart LED bulbs through your voice using Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. You can also turn on lights when you are away from home.

BUY HERE: Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

5. Holographic Projector

Everyone who watches science fiction films will know about the holographic projector. It will make the image on your screen appear in 3d world.

This gadget makes you feel like you are in the future, and you can connect through Wi-Fi, which provides clear and solid holographic illusions. The display is controlled by an app or through a remote.

You can even play a video on this holographic projector. This gadget makes your advertising campaigns more effective because people would love to see this kind of stuff.

BUY HERE: Holographic Projector

6. Mini Drone (Quadcopter)

 Cool gadgets on amazon India
Source: Amazon

Mini Drones are beneficial for creators who travel a lot. Everyone loves to see drone shots because it is impressive to watch. This gadget has high stability, which did not shake while flying higher.

It can move very quickly in all directions and does a 360-degree rollover without any shaking. Also has a stronger wind resistance and is very easy to control.

It is a must-buy product for creators who travel a lot and do more drone shot videos.

BUY HERE: Mini Drone (Quadcopter)

7. Wi-Fi Wireless Projector

Wi-Fi wireless projector can make your room feel like a theatre. You can connect your mobile devices wirelessly by the screen mirroring option. You can also connect through Wi-Fi, but every mobile has in-built screen mirroring options.

With a 16:9 screen resolution, it makes us feel like we are in the theatre, and it provides very high-quality HD videos.

It has another ability that is an enhanced cooling system. It has a variety of ports such as earphone, VGA, USB, 5v output, Multimedia card slot, etc

BUY HERE: Wi-Fi Wireless Projector

8. Portable Hanging Neck Fan

This portable hanging neck fan consists of a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. You can use it without plugging any wires. It can be moved in any direction because it has a 360-degree rotating design.

This portable hanging neck fan comes in handy in this hot summer. It saves energy because it uses a low-power motor and is designed as an energy-efficient gadget. It has USB charging ports that connect with a power bank, computer, power adapter, etc.

BUY HERE: Portable Hanging Neck Fan

9. Echo Dot

Echo dot is one of the best smart speakers that can do multiple actions like streaming millions of songs, controlling your smart home appliance, etc.

It has four microphones so that it can hear with correct precision. It can do most of the work just by responding to your voice command. Amazon has designed echo dot in a way that protects your privacy and personal details.

BUY HERE: Echo Dot

10. Wi-Fi All in One Smart Universal Remote

With this universal remote, you can control all your IR appliances through a Wi-Fi connection. Even you can control your voice using Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

It has 360-degree control; that is; it can control any IR appliance in the range of 15-20 meter radius.   Some of the operations of this controller are it can change the channel, volume in TV and control AC, projector, etc.

BUY HERE: Wi-Fi All in One Smart Universal Remote

11. Smart Lock

It is one of the must-have gadgets who wants to protect their home from robbers. This smart lock is very useful because you can lock or unlock the doors through Wi-Fi.

You can share the keys with your family members so that they can access them without any physical keys. It can upgrade your existing door lock and provide better protection of your door.

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12. Fossil Women’s Touchscreen Smart Watch

This smartwatch brings fashion and technology together by implementing various features on this watch. It looks stylish and fashionable; at the same time, it consists of many features like tracking our heart rate and our activity through Google fit.

It can manage all your phone activities like watching over apps, phone notifications, answering phone calls, etc. It was one of the Cool gadgets on amazon India available right now.

BUY HERE: Fossil Women’s Touchscreen Smart Watch

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