Capital of Maharashtra and Facts about Maharashtra you should know

Here are some interesting facts about Maharashtra and talk about the capital of Maharashtra. Get to know the history, culture and facts about Maharashtra and Mumbai, the Capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the city of dreams where it is too popular for its Bollywood. It is one of the best place in India to roam there and check out the best views there.

Capital of Maharashtra is Mumbai

Capital of Maharashtra
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Maharashtra, a state full of pride and culture, economic activities, is the centre of attraction in India. Maharashtra has its own independent story. The glorious state with the blessings of the raja Shivchhatrapati, divine saints, and citizens full of humanity. Besides what happens in the country, Maharashtra has its matters.

The politics in Maharashtra is very different from the country politics. The politicians here meet every second day and have dinner together despite being from opposite parties. Maharashtra is the second most populous state in India. Let’s get to know some facts about Maharashtra and the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai. 

1. Land of saints 

Maharashtra is full of cultural values and facts. Even Indian history has a lot about Maharashtra. For the saints in Maharashtra, it is said that the Lord was serving at the Home of saints. The great saints like Tukaram Maharaj worshipped vitthala and are the only person who went with his body in the Vaikuntha [Home of lord vishnu]. 

Saint Dnyaneshwar was the one who wrote the Dnyaneshwari, which teaches us everything. He had such power that he made a buffalo speak Veda [The knowledge in Sanskrit holy books], made a wall walk from its position. Also, the saint name, who made the god eat food from his hands. Saint bahinabai, whom the Lord used to help in her daily work.

And there are a lot of examples. Other holy speakers and gurus worship god, but god works for the saints as their servant. Hence the saints are even more significant than Lord, the culture says. 

That’s how Maharashtra has the great saint culture. In this era, the people of Maharashtra do the Vari [ a walk from Home to the pandharpur, Home of lord vitthala] for several months to glance at the Vithala. This information is just a drop in the sea; there is a lot to talk about the saints in Maharashtra. 

2. Mumbai’s Dabbawalas 

Mumbai’s dabbawalas are the most organised food delivery system in the world. One hundred twenty-five years before, the first dabbawala got the job. A Parsi banker wanted to have home-cooked food delivered to his house. Later many needy people began to join them.

There are about 5000 dabbawalla’s in Mumbai who feed the whole of Mumbai. They provide the right tiffin with the right food to the right door without any confusion. The tiffin passes through several hands, but there is no single case of the mismatch of the tiffin. All tiffin looks the same; they use special codes which are handwritten. 

The most exciting thing about this is that most of them are uneducated; still, they know what to do. They don’t have tempo’s and cars; they deliver food through cycles and metro. Every day they travel by bicycle and give Dabba to each customer.

Every day they get new customers in large number, and still, they remember where to give which Dabba. The Mumbai dabbawalas are the power of the Mumbai, capital of Maharashtra and the whole of Maharashtra. What more you want to know than this fact about Maharashtra. 

3. Dharavi, second largest slum in Asia 

With the significant shining capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, Maharashtra has the second-largest slum in Asia called Dharavi. Hear about the 1000000 people who live in just a 2.1 square kilometre area. The shelters are made of cement and brick walls with the sheds as the roof.

The whole area has narrow paths to walk, and several people live in one room. With the complicated space, people living here know every Home and people in it. 

Capital of Maharashtra
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Recently the covid patients were found in Dharavi. And one can imagine how fast the transmission would occur. But the BMC had run a campaign that made the successful diminish of the covid spread, and it’s a zero covid patients area now. Dharavi people work the whole day in Mumbai streets to get food two times a day. 

4. Homes with no doors, Shani-Singapur

As said earlier, Maharashtra has cultural values. There is a place or city in Maharashtra where the people have no doors at their homes. The place is shani-shinganapur. The people living there believe that Lord Shani [Lord of judgement punishes the people according to their karma] protects their homes.

Those who try to steal something from any house of Shani-Singapur becomes blind or impaired physically, people believe. There are several stories and actual incidents too. This is a fascinating fact about Maharashtra that you will never forget.

5. The highest number of taxpayers

Along with several facts about Maharashtra, now let’s talk with the people of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is the number one state in the country, with the highest number of taxpayers in India. Maharashtra keeps its place at the top, with the contribution of 39.9% of the total GDP of India.

This is due to the reason that Maharashtra is the only state which has the highest economic developments or investments in India. Bollywood adds to that. The top businessmen in India live in Mumbai only. This should be include in economic facts about Maharashtra. 

6. India’s first navy and forts of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is also known for its forts. The forts are designed so perfectly with the stones and other vital materials, robust architecture. The defences are built on the top of the mountains in Maharashtra. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj made Hindi swaraj by his intellectual planning and the significant conflict and war with the Mughals. 

The Chhatrapati Sivaji Maharaj is the worlds best king and planner. He was complete with all skills, including the talwarbaji, architecture, planning, daring etc. Also he worked for the Maratha people but always gave respect to all castes and religions.

Capital of Maharashtra
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He took the oath of developing the swarajya [ self kingdom free from any foreigner leadership]. His intellect can be seen by one example that he was the one who made the first navy of India. Sindhudurg and janjira are the forts made inside the water, without any special instruments.