Amusement parks in new york have a blast at these famous Parks

One of the dream destinations for most travellers, New York enthrals tourists with its countless tourist attractions for all ages. Come summer, families throng the amusement parks in New York for that perfect family holiday.

Amusement parks in new york

Hardly anything beats the summer fun at these family-friendly places! Cotton candies, carousels, and Ferris wheel rides — don’t they take you back to the time when you, as a child, had a blast at these amusement parks? Summer is about to set in, which means the amusement park season is almost here! Get ready for all the adventure and amusement guaranteed at these four best amusement parks in New York.


A top tourist attraction of Long Island, Adventureland has been entertaining New Yorkers since its establishment in 1962. Adventureland has more than 30 various rides, including the classic bumper cars, Ferris wheel, roller coasters, carousels, swings, and water slides. The best part is that most of the rides are great for all age groups. Apart from the family, kiddie, and water rides, Adventureland also has an indoor arcade, a great selection of outdoor games, a gift shop, a face painting area, and a food court as well. There is no admission fee; visitors can either buy a day-pass or choose to pay per ride.  

Address: 2245 Broad Hollow Road, Farmingdale.

Luna Park:

As one of the most famous amusement parks in New York, Luna Park steals the show with its legendary Cyclone roller coaster. It is situated right at the center of Coney Island, which is a favorite summer holiday destination among the locals. Visit Luna Park and make your holiday even more amazing! Try out everything it has to offer — coasters, water rides, carnival-style games, and tempting food available at several food stalls. With a range of thrilling rides, from mild to moderate, high, and extreme, Luna Park pumps up riders of all ages and offers maximum fun. A ride on the iconic Cyclone roller coaster (for which you need to purchase a separate ticket) is the highlight though! 

Address: 1000 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn.

Seabreeze Amusement Park:

Sea Breeze Amusement Park in New York is one of the only thirteen trolley parks still operating in the US and also the country’s fourth-oldest operating amusement park. Famous for its classic Jack Rabbit wooden coaster, the medium-sized park on Lake Ontario keeps visitors engaged with its 70 plus attractions, including four roller coasters, thrill rides, tube rides, plunging slides, a waterpark, and live shows. The classic hand-carved carousel is another popular attraction of Sea Breeze Amusement Park.  

Address: 4600 Culver Road, Rochester

Rye Playland:

Rye Playland is a seasonal amusement park that is open from May through September. Declared a National Historic Landmark, there is a vintage charm to this amusement park in New York whose buildings feature the Art Deco style of architecture. Playland offers 50 different rides such as five roller coasters, the grand carousel, free-fall ride, splashdown ride, and plenty of other fun rides.

Playland also features a beach, a mini-golf course, an ice-skating rink, a pool, a picnic area, a children’s museum, and a boardwalk that offers stunning views of the Long Island.  If you are visiting this place on Thursday or Friday, you can also enjoy free concerts held at night.   

Address: 100 Playland Parkway, Rye.

Whether you are a New Yorker looking forward to enjoying a fun-filled getaway with family or a traveler looking forward to holidaying in this city, you must consider spending a day at any of these amusement parks in New York for the ultimate fun and thrill! Planning a trip to New York this summer? Don’t wait to book your flights to New York as advance bookings help you save a good amount of money. Search for the best deals at Indian Eagle and book your flight tickets now!
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