2D animation and its benefits in marketing

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear 2D animation is cartoons and animated movies. This is because 2D animation was widely used for entertainment purposes in the past. With the affordability of TV and the entertainment industry producing a variety of hit series like The Simpsons, 2D animation gained a wide audience.

But in the current scenario, 2D animation is gaining popularity for a completely different reason. You would be surprised to know that 2D animation is increasingly popular in the marketing industry. Yes, you heard it right.

2D animation
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With the massive amounts of video content available, loads of businesses want to stand out from the crowd by producing engaging and attractive content. 2D animation has a huge impact on people, and there are statistics stating that when businesses use 2D animation in their advertisements or landing pages, there is usually a 20% increase in conversion rates.

So, how do you know if 2D animation is the right medium for your business? Read on to know more about it and how a 2D animation company helps.

2D animation and the functions of a 2D animation

2D animation is the illusion of creating movement in a two-dimensional space. It’s done by a quick succession of individual drawings sequenced together. In a two-dimensional space, each object has only 2 dimensions – length and height. For an animation of one second, there are 24 timeframes, which means there could be as many as 24 sketches per second or as little as 2 sketches per second

Since making an animated video is not an easy feat, outsourcing your project to the experts in the industry is the best option. An animation company can create a video that enhances your brand value with impactful messaging and attractive visualization. They are sure to use their expertise in understanding what would work best for your brand and will implement it down to the tiniest of details. All you have to do is give a brief regarding what the video is about and what it aims to achieve and you’ll be good to go.

Benefits of 2D animation in Marketing

Marketing plays a crucial role in business growth, so you need to always think about what’s the next best thing you can employ to keep your momentum going. And one such marketing strategy that businesses use these days

Attention grabbing

If a certain medium can capture and hold children’s attention then you must realize how effective it could be for an adult. Animation is very eye-catching and excites anyone to follow along.

The ability to hold a viewer’s attention can also benefit your business and gain your visiblity’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as there will be increased traffic for the animated videos. Since search engines favour videos, there will be higher traffic to your website as the animated videos become more visible online.

Easy communication

Animating information or complex ideas in a storytelling format is a great way to reach a wide range of audience. Since the majority of people are visual learners, having highly technical information converted into an animated video is really useful. The visual format helps the viewers to understand and process the information quicker than if they had read the information.

2D animation
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You can use animated videos to show the value of your product, the benefits it can give the users and you can help the audience visualise not only the product but the experience and the convenience of using it.

Engages better

2D animation videos incorporate graphics, text, music and voice-overs which can engage multiple senses and stimulate different regions of the brain. Thus, creating an effective medium for the audience to process the information more easily.

Animation also helps build a strong connection between the viewer and the company as there is deep engagement. When viewers are really invested in the video and find it memorable, the company is in an advantageous position as it has an edge over its competitors.

Cost effective

2D animation or animated explainer videos have a shorter production time than 3D animation. This means that you can spend less money on making the video but more on publishing the video and promoting it to make the video work for you. Another advantage of animated video is that it can be easily edited over time to update the information and the overall look of the video.

Easy to share

When people find something interesting, their first tendency is to share it. We know this because we have done it too. The majority of the content that is shared online is videos and images, and not blogs since they cannot hold a person’s attention for long. That’s why 2D animation really works. The attractive visuals and text information combined in an easy-to-understand manner make animated videos easily shareable.


You can use 2D animation

  • If you want a larger audience
  • If you want to engage your current audience
  • And if you need to communicate complex ideas to a wide range of audiences.

2D animation is a versatile medium and it can prove to be a great resource for your company. So reach out to animation like PitchWorx today to get your animate video made.

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