10 Best places to visit in India once in a life

Best place to visit in India
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Today, we all are aware of how fast life is going, and we know that India is the place where every traveler wants to roam, but just because of our life routine, we are pretty much busy with our daily routine, but we must not forget to make the most out of our vacations.So lets continue to our topic which is 10 best places to visit in India.

We all desire to visit the best places, but we become confused while choosing where to go. Isn’t it? If yes, then India is the best country for tourists and locals to visit.

We provide you with information about the 10 Best Places to Visit In India in the following guide. After reading the manual, you will unearth where to go on the coming vacations. So sit back and check these 10 best destinations in India.


It is a land of vast beauty and diverse culture. It is often said, “If someone wants to visit heaven on earth, then Kashmir is worth paying a visit.” Indeed, fertile land where you can see the fairy meadows will observe greenery everywhere, and seeing this will fascinate you. The beautiful people, their dresses, and their culture are just breathtaking. 

Places to visit in India
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The temperature of this beautiful piece of land varies from season to season. In winters, you will get to enjoy the blanket of snow; from far and wide, you will observe the beautiful scenery of white snow covering the mesmerizing trees. In summer, the pleasant weather showcases the natural beauty; the birds’ chirping provides relaxation to the listeners.


 Are you a keen lover of butter tea, and are you interested in watching a crystal clear sky? And you want the best destination for a vacation where you can enjoy skating, walking tracks and worth seeing views. Pangong lake has always been the best place in LEH to visit, only 180 km away from LADAKH, KHARDUNGLA PASS.

Magnetic hills are there to show you their beauties and to make you their permanent lovers; it’s just magnificent and the safest location.


Resort and tourism town Manali, which is between Mountains with the chilled weather found in Himachal Pradesh, A small town with majestic mountains and pleasant water is all set to give the best memories in your holidays. The city is Historical that brings you the pages of the past and their ruling gates, and the spiritual peace of MANALI is enough to attach you with itself.

Manali is a famous tourist destination where many married or unmarried peoples visit for chilling there.

Places to visit in India
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Here are few best places to visit if you are going to MANALI

  • Hidimba Devi Temple
  • Solang valley
  • Old Manali
  • Museum of Himachal Culture And Folk Arts
  • Kothi
  • Nehru Kund


A fascinating place, another best land in INDIA that has the whole nature living in it. Having a historical background and extensive history, you can get a chance to have a look at ancient temples and a mili river.

Assam is a beautiful place known for its traditional dresses. Assam offers eye-catching places like historical monuments, temples, Dipor bill, Madan kamdev, and Rang Ghar.

 For nature lovers, Assam has KAZIRANGA NATIONAL PARK, PABITORO WILDLIFE PARK. SUNCTUR MANAS NATIONAL PARK is also found in the list. Must not forget for afternoon Rowing boat in Brahmaputra Rive, Visiting Religious temples.


One of the iconic places in the history of India is AMRITSAR, located in northern province Punjab. It is also called The Mecca of Sikh Mazhab. Another name, a golden temple Harminder Sahib, is also used for it.

It has a very long history 400 years ago this city was made People around the world visit this holy place.

 Here the love of local people and the warm, welcoming gestures of natives. Always ask one to visit this sacred place again and again.


The capital of India, known as New Delhi considers the oldest city in the world. To visit and make your holidays beautiful. There are dozens of places and.

Areas where you can enjoy your vacations and time being solo or with family, Red fort made up of sandstone, and Lal Kila was always very famous for their views in the 17th century.

10 best places to visit in India
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Delhi was known as the central city. While walking through the gate known as LAHORI GATE, you will be led to the Bazar and jewel. In the palace, you will be able to reach the old house of the sultan. It’s not enough the religious places like mosques and temples are there to visit and don’t forget to visit the museum.

Ellora and Ajanta Caves

In the state of. Maharashtra. You will witness the beautiful caves of both Ellora and Ajanta.

There are 34. Caves and shrines, which are almost 4500 years old they belong to 3 different religious

BUDDISM JAINISM AND HINDUISM. They have a great historical background due to having. Silent nature can go a sit and enjoy nature, and with peace of mind, you can even play music to ease your mind.


A traditional state where it is every shopper’s dream. A place with border Pakistan nearby, and we know it is also called the home of Thar Desert.

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Has its attachment with the Rajput history. This is among the best places to visit in India; pink city Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan.

It has incredible Architecture, three famous forts number of temples, and a fantastic city palace—Jodhpur blue city gateway to the Thar Desert. And must do Mehrangarh fort.

For seeing the best part of Rajasthan, then visit Jaisalmer, where you can do camel rides. Ranthambore national park is also called the home of wild tigers. Just rent out a jeep there and give your eyes beautiful views. Stay in the best hotels like heritage hotel and feel like a prince there.

Agra the best in India to visit

Loves architecture? Visit Agra; it is the most beautiful place in India. Agra is the place with its excellent love history; that everyone knows.

Digifybox wants to give you a tip that first, don’t go directly to the Taj mahal; first, you have to go to Mehtab bagh then for the Taj mahal.

This combination would be exciting and more fascinating after that. Don’t stop there; go for Itmad ud Daula fort. Kamiya masjid is here where you can check the beauty, local markets of Agra is famous where you to spend some time there.

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The market is just for providing beautiful traditional clothes. Hotels are there which are economical and make your trip memorable.


Kerela, known for its beautiful palm-lined beaches, is also known as God’s own country. it is of the the best places in India to visit once. It is heaven for the tourists the worth seeing places in Kerala; its green shores around the lake, beautiful homes, pure water, flora, and fauna are making Kerela a beautiful place to visit.

Kerela is also famous for its well-known National parks like Eravikulam and Periyar with other centuries. If you are an animal lover, then it is the best place to visit for you because we can say that Kerela is the house of monkeys, Elephants, and langurs, etc.

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